The March Hare

What we do

The marchhare is a niche brand and marketing consultancy.

We only work for a small number of clients at any one time and take on projects where we know we can add value.

We are the opposite of most agencies; we listen, research, sit quietly and analyse. We then think differently to produce the most stunning, immediate and creative solution. Our work has an emotional punch because our way of working enables us to see from the outside and understand from the inside what is unique about your organisation.

We are project focused working directly with our clients and also partner with other agencies who need our expertise. We have the resources to run local and international projects where you can pull in the whole team or an individual as required.

We have an established network of high level strategic and creative specialists who we pull in to create the best team for the challenge. Our structure enables you to “invest in talent and experience not overhead”.

We work out of a creative barn designed specifically for team workshops and executive blue sky thinking.

Whether you are launching into a new sector, repositioning within an existing market or simply need to strengthen your position, brand is an important tool that gets you where you need to be.

Research, thinking, design and rigorous project management enable us to deliver an extensive range of services from a specific piece of research to a comprehensive brand, design and build programme.

Research; internal, customer and market

On-line analysis; research and strategy

Team workshops

Brand positioning

Marketing; strategy and planning

Visual identity; design and guidelines

Communication design; on-line and print

Communication management; print and distribution, web build, hosting, PPC and SEO

Branded environments; design and installation; bespoke signage systems and branded interiors