The March Hare

Thinking business

Matt Cannon

With a rigorous obsession to achieve results¬†Matt’s analytical mind brings order and a challenging objectivity to the creative process.¬†His first grown up job was with Technicolor (then part of Ftse 100 company) where he ended up as Sales and Marketing Director. He left to be part of the boom as the bubble burst but he did learn about the web, ecommerce and VC’s. More recently he was part of a team that grew and subsequently sold their business to a Dutch PLC finishing his earn out in 2008. During this time he learnt about merger and acquisition and now has interests in a number of businesses involved in Data management and the marchhare’s own brands.

Matt runs the business side of the marchhare providing consultancy in;

  • Implementation of structure and process to achieve growth and if relevant preparation for sale
  • Internal and market research – qualitative and quantitive
  • Marketing planning and implementation
  • Digital reviews and digital marketing planning