The March Hare

Creative thinking

Charles Longbottom

Charles is the quieter, the thinker of the team, driven to create and deliver brands that break the mould, his background is as a founder of Circle a London based international brand consultancy and a Senior Corporate Identity Designer for Wolff Olins the top international brand consultancy. Get under the skin of Charles and you find him responsible for brands such as Lord’s (The home of Cricket), Bain and Company (leading management consultancy) amongst others. Charles is also actively involved in new start-ups which gives an added edge in understanding how to bring an idea to market.

” From my apprenticeship at Wolff Olins working within a multidisciplinary team to develop the identity programme for Repsol (Spain’s national energy corporation) to breaking all the typographic rules to create a unique font for NatWest, I have developed a passion for working across all disciplines; strategic positioning, graphic and environmental design. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most influential brand designers and gurus in our industry. Working along side Wally Olins to implement Bain & Company’s living the brand programme, to running a place branding exercise for Dubai from London with John Diefenbach who was based in San Francisco for a client in the U.A.E. has been challenging but great fun.
Running a conventional design agency left me worrying about cash flow and HR issues rather than being hands on, working with clients and design teams. The marchhare enables me the freedom to design for clients, partner with other agencies and get involved in new start-up brands.”


NatWest font was part of a larger programme to build brand recognition and consistency across above the line advertising to branch design.

Bain & Company – Living the brand programme across all touch points from communications to working environments.

Emarat (U.A.E. national petroleum corporation) 12 year brand creation and ongoing development of U.A.E.’s market leader.  

Lord’s The Home of Cricket – Creation of an inclusive brand to celebrate the event and create significant brand equity for the MCC club.

Repsol – Comprehensive identity programme creating Spain’s national energy brand.

First National Bank – creation of a single identity and a shared brand culture from a diverse portfolio of acquired businesses. Became market leader and sold at a premium to Abbey National.

Rank Group – Design and management of the bid document and brand to run the The National Lottery. The strawberry represented a treat for everybody. 

Solo Union Bank of Finland – A beacon of light in cold environment, the 1st award winning automated retail banking brand. – from startup to market leader in 5 years. Digger the dog revolutionised the finance broker sector being fast, friendly, eager and straight forward.  The business was successfully sold to Bank of America MBNA.

Mercedes-Benz – Design of a merchandising system to present the heritage of this premium brand, sell cars and enhance the customer experience.

Volunteering England – Manage the transition from a plethora of home grown brands to one core brand and practical tools to manage the ongoing growth of the organisation.

Brand Dubai – Brand exploration to create brand Dubai promoting the Emirate and it’s brands; business, leisure, finance and technology.